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District Meeting Tool Kit

The District Meeting Tool Kit is a comprehensive resource to help you plan and prepare for meetings with legislators in your community. Local visits and meetings are the single best way to help legislators understand how policy issues and the legislation they work on affects people like you. Legislators need to hear your stories so they can make informed decisions about policies that affect the stroke community.

The tool kit contains information and tips to help you attend a meeting hosted by your legislator, schedule a one-on-one meeting or host a site visit. The tool kit covers meetings with both your members of Congress and state legislators. Use the tool kit in the way that works best for you—choose the level of involvement that fits your desire to make a difference for the stroke community.

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What should you talk to your legislators about?

National Stroke Association has prepared a summary of stroke-related issues pending before Congress. You can use this document to prepare for your meetings with members of Congress. You can also print it and bring it to your meeting to leave with the legislator and his or her staff. If you’re interested in meeting with your state legislators, visit the State Advocacy Action Center for information about what’s happening in your state. If your state legislature is already out of session, just talk to your state legislators about your experience with stroke, what types of challenges you’ve faced after your stroke and what services could help with your recovery. View this short presentation to help you develop your story.

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