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Who Represents You: Getting to Know Your Legislators


The first step in the advocacy process is to find out who your legislators are and where they stand on stroke-related issues.

You have three individuals who represent you at the federal level (in Congress)—one representative and two senators. Additionally, you typically have two individuals who represent you at the state level (in your state’s legislature)—one state representative and one state senator. The information below applies to all of these individuals.

Watch a short video explaining how to use this website
to find out who represents you, or read the instructions below.

To find your federal and state legislators, go to our Find Your Legislators page, enter your zip code in the box and click “Go.”

  • You may be asked to enter your full nine-digit zip code in order to identify your legislators. That’s because some legislative districts split across areas covered by the more commonly used five-digit zip codes. If you need the last four digits, you will be asked for that information after you click “Go.” Also, you’ll be given the option to look up those last four digits if you don’t know them already.

A list of your federal legislators will appear on the page, including their contact information and a link to their individual website. In order to reveal your state legislators, click the tab titled “Show All” located just above the list of legislators. Your state legislators will be listed below your federal legislators with similar information.

Visit your legislators’ individual websites, paying special attention to their “issues” page(s). It’s on these pages where you’ll find their positions and activities on healthcare and other issues. Note that, in many cases, your legislators may not yet have specific positions on stroke-related policies. That’s where you come in! The Stroke Advocacy Network will provide you with tools and information to help you inform your legislators about stroke-related policies and get them to take action on those policies.

The Stroke Advocacy Network also has a tool specifically designed to help you get to know legislators—the Legislator Profile worksheet. Download and complete the worksheet from information you find on your legislators’ individual website before you communicate with them. Knowing who you’re communicating with can help you draft your message so it’s most effective.

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