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Children and infants have strokes, too.

The incidence of stroke in children less than 15 years old is about 6 cases in every 100,000 children per year. Strokes are slightly more common in children under the age of two. The incidence of stroke in children has remained stable for the past 10 years, but stroke and other cerebrovascular disorders are among the top 10 causes of death in children in the U.S.

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Hip Hop Stroke

Hip Hop Stroke Logo - BrainiacB In 2004, National Stroke Association developed its Hip Hop Stroke program, using children to educate families about stroke. While the program is currently unavailable as it is being repackaged to better reach more children, it teaches children to develop lifelong healthy habits that prevent stroke and to recognize the symptoms of stroke. The students also learn to identify stroke as an emergency and call 9-1-1.  For information on the Hip Hop Stroke program click here.

Brainiac Kids! Stroke Education

How would you like to become a National Stroke Association Brainiac?

Becoming a Brainiac will prepare you to become a stroke hero. This educational program will teach you, your friends, family and community about stroke awareness and prevention. Brainiac Kids can be done in schools, communities and youth organizations and includes many fun activities.

Available Programs:

  • Steps for Stroke walk-a-thon
  • Brainiac Game Day
  • Stroke Smart Week
  • Learning with Art
  • Act F.A.S.T. skits
  • Brain Food: A Stroke Smart Cookbook
  • Brain Food Bake Sale
Brainiac Kids Community Education Program Logo

Knowledge is power. When kids learn about stroke symptoms and how to adopt a healthy lifestyle early on, that knowledge will be with them forever. The information they learn from Brainiac Kids may one day help save their own life or the life of a loved one. 


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