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The Faces of Stroke is a public awareness movement that aims to show the personal side of stroke and educate about important stroke facts through people’s experiences.

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The individual stories of those affected by stroke are what should define it in the public eye. From a teenager grappling with her new identity as a survivor to a 52-year old man who beat a diagnosis that he would never walk again post-stroke, the people participating in this campaign have become a community of inspiration.

How to Get Started

  • Browse other stories to get inspired.
  • Type your story out in a document that can be electronically saved. 
  • Save the document to preserve a personal copy. 
  • Choose the appropriate link below to submit your story. Then, copy and paste your story into the submission form.

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Browse the Faces of Stroke to preview a real and inspiring side of stroke. This gallery features stroke champions who have shared their personal experiences in the hope of bringing awareness to what it means to be affected by this disease.

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Genentech, Allergan, Inc and Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc are proud sponsors of the RAISE Awards and the Faces of Stroke℠ campaign.

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