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Dear Friend,

Returning to work after a stroke can be a challenge. Did you know the U.S. Department of Labor offers free assistance over the phone and online to people, including stroke survivors, who have physical or cognitive limitations, that can help them return to work? Assistance is available to both the stroke survivor and their employer. Some of the information and tools available now include:

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) provides this information now. However, Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL), a stroke survivor himself, recently introduced legislation encouraging JAN to promote awareness and assistance among stroke survivors and employers about this program. You can ask the senators who represent you in Congress to help more stroke survivors go back to work by urging them to support Sen. Kirk’s bill.

If you know any stroke survivors who are trying to return to work, please use the "Forward to a Friend" link below to forward this message to them so they’re aware of the resources JAN provides. Stroke is challenging enough. Returning to work shouldn’t be.


signed by Laura Beving

Laura Beving
Manager, Survivor Education and Outreach

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