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Clinical Trial Enrolling NOW (Involuntary Outbursts of Laughing and/or Crying After a Stroke)


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Involuntary, frequent episodes of laughing and crying are a significant challenge for many people who have had a stroke. PBA (Pseudobulbar Affect) is a medical condition that causes sudden, frequent and involuntary bouts of crying and/or laughing in people living with certain neurologic conditions or brain injuries, such as stroke.

PBA can occur when certain areas of the brain that control normal expression of emotion are damaged. This damage can disrupt brain signaling, causing a “short circuit” and triggering episodes of crying or laughing that are often sudden and exaggerated or do not match what the person is feeling inside.

If you have never heard of PBA, you are not alone. Nearly 2 million Americans with certain neurologic conditions or brain injuries are estimated to suffer from it. PBA can affect men and women, old and young. If you have any questions regarding PBA, talk to your doctor. 

Clinical investigators across the U.S. are now taking part in a clinical trial called PRISM II to evaluate the use of a medication to treat PBA.

To be considered eligible for this study, you must:

  • be 18 years of age or older;
  • been diagnosed with a stroke 3 months ago or more

A simple questionnaire regarding symptoms of laughter or crying will determine whether you qualify for the study.

All of the study-related medical visits, services and products are provided free of charge.

Click here or call 1-855-477-4762 to learn more or find a treatment center near you.

This email does not imply National Stroke Association's endorsement of any product, treatment, service or entity. National Stroke Association strongly recommends that you consult with a healthcare professional about diagnosis and treatment before participating in a clinical trial. National Stroke Association has no affiliation with this clinical trial. Visit http://www.avanirclinicaltrials.com/prism-II for more information about participating.

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